Catherine Malear

Catherine's velvety, flawless voice will captivate you.  Singing since she was 7; writing music since she was 15; she was a voice student in college.  Since high school, she has been singing off and on in various bands, but has found a home, and synergy with the musicians in Thunder Rose.  She is one of the newer members of the band, and leads with a surprising vocal depth.  She has proven to be a creative and treasured asset.

She is truly the "Rose."  

Jim Altman

Jim's been playing guitar since the age of 13, when he first learned how to fingerpick Bluegrass style.  Shortly after that he became fascinated by the hauntingly, beautiful sound of the blues, and started experimenting with whatever he could find to play slide guitar.  He joined a band in college, and they did so well they were invited on a band competition TV show.  Since then he has played bass and guitar in several bands, and has been playing with members of Thunder Rose since 2011.  He loves playing perfect, breathtaking solos, and you are guaranteed to love it too.

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Peter Withers

When he's not building space cameras to save the planet, Peter holds down the bottom end with his masterful bass, and sometimes the top, with his spot on background vocals. Classically trained on piano with jazzheads, and via London Royal Academy since The Beatles appeared on Ed Sullivan.  He stole his uncle's guitar at age 14, and taught himself to play. After venturing into complex jazz solo work, and playing with bands in high school, he stepped away from music for a number of years to focus on career (an immense tragedy).  He's now been playing again for more than a few years, and has written and performed jazz, classical, and folk tunes; and can be found bringing in the "Thunder" (and a little lightning) for the band.

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Patrick Longo

Trained in classical from the age of 8, he stopped for a few years to attend college, where his music interests turned to rock and roll.  After college, living with his musician cousin, he was introlduced to playing rock and blues.  Within a few weeks, they formed a band called the Blue Cats, and started playing in local Santa Barbara venues.  He soon realized he had a passion for performing, improvisation, and connecting with the audience.

The following years he played with several local bands, such as; Blue Bellies, Blues Prophecy, Sonic Chaos, and the Michelle Williams Band.  Along the way he met our own Jim Altman.  After playing together in another band, they decided to form their own, and which became the "Thunder Rose Band."

Pat's talent is complimented by the high energy he brings.  His improvisation, and blend of melodies and rhythms will surprise and delight you.  The different sounds he creates, adds true depth to our music.

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Peter Withers II

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